1.  Joan London, The Good Parents, January

2.  Barbara Comyns, Our Spoons Came From Woolworths, January

3.  Barbara Vine, A Dark-Adapted Eye, January

4.  Nam Le, The Boat, January

5.  Barbara Pym, Excellent Women, February

6.  Isabel Colegate, Orlando King, February

7.  Barbara Pym, Jane and Prudence, February

8.  C.J.Sansom, Winter in Madrid, March

9.  Elizabeth Redfern, The Music of the Spheres, March

10.  Susan Price, The Sterkarm Handshake, March

11.  Mary Renault, Friendly Young Ladies, April

12.  Enid Bagnold, The Squire, April

13.  Joan Didion, The Year of Magical Thinking, April

14.  Larry McMurtry, The Streets of Laredo, April

15.  Madeleine St John, The Women in Black, May

16.  Cate Kennedy, The World Beneath, May

17.  Mary Wesley, The Camomile Lawn, May

18.  Shena Mackay, The Orchard on Fire, June

19.  Mary Wesley, The Vacillations of Poppy Carew, June

20.  Daphne du Maurier, Hungry Hill, June

21.  Mary Wesley, Part of the Furniture, June

22.  Stella Rimington, Deadline, July

23.  Mary Wesley, A Dubious Legacy, July

24.  Mary Wesley, Jumping the Queue, July

25.  Mary Wesley, An Imaginative Experience, August

26.  David Nicholls, One Day, August

27.  Mary Wesley, Harnessing Peacocks, August

28.  Alice Pung, Unpolished Gem, August

29.  Mary Wesley, Not That Sort of Girl, September

30.  Olivia Manning, The Doves of Venus, October

31.  Angela Rodway, A London Childhood, October

32.  Catherine O’Flynn, What Was Lost, October

33.  William Boyd, Any Human Heart, November

34.  Xandra Bingley, Bertie, May and Mrs Fish, November

35.  Lev Grossman, The Magicians, November

36.  Winifred Holtby, South Riding, December

37.  Gabrielle Carey, In My Father’s House, December


Did not finish:

Larry McMurtry, Lonesome Dove



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